Horrorcore News interviews Necro!


Horrorcore Chris: What rappers influenced you to be a rapper?

Necro: Main influences were Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-1, Rakim & Geto Boys.

Horrorcore Chris: What made you rap about sex & death?

Necro: I just liked explicit lyrics when done technical with thought, I felt it has the edge needed to satisfy my sick perverted taste.

Horrorcore Chris: What can you tell fans about your Murder Murder Kill Kill double EP if they haven’t heard it?

Necro: It’s solid amazing hardcore hiphop with many different styles on it, from Death Rap to Thug style to Porn, I flip many styles so its real versatile and full of classic Necro flavor which is always brutal.

Horrorcore Chris: Fans think your “I’m like Howard Stern” video was sick! How was it making it?

Necro: I wanted it to be even crazier but was limited with funds and actors, so I did the best I could with the time frame. I just wanted to make a tabloid style track which was brand new. I have dabbled in that style in the past but never really made an official track, everything in the past was radio freestyles live on the air.

Horrorcore Chris: We heard one of your classic tracks “Your Fuckin Head Split” was featured on a hockey movie called Goon how did that come about?

Necro: The star of the movie Jay Baruchel is a Necro fan for like 12 years and he showed love and put it in the movie so that was awesome, I was honored.

Horrorcore Chris: There is a lot of Necro fans that would want to see you on tour. Any Tours in the works?

Necro: I toured for like 250 shows in the past and needed a break but soon I will go back out and attack it hard, preparing soon.

Horrorcore Chris: What was your favorite track you recorded?

Necro: I cant pick a favorite since they are all like children, they all have their merit.

Horrorcore Chris: Any new tracks in the works with your Brother Ill Bill?

Necro: No

Horrorcore Chris: This is a crazy question but fuck it! Have you thought of starting a Necro Porn company?

Necro: I had Sexpert video back in 2003 but I found it too difficult to enter the porn game living in NYC and also I would have had to stop focus on my hiphop. I felt I had way too much to contribute musically, porn has no soul, my music is timeless and will last for generations. Sadly porn gets outdated just in the format its filmed, look at 70′s porn, its old and nasty to watch, yet 70′s music is still awesome today, different artistic formats and I chose the legendary timeless art form.

Horrorcore Chris: You got any merchandise deals on your site? Seems like you wanna hook up your fans.

Necro: Yeah well I know the economy isnt great, so if I can hook fans up and still make profit to run the business I do it.  I’m not greedy, I just wanna survive, so I do alot of deals to make it easier for a fan to cop some product and it not kill their pocket.

Horrorcore Chris: What makes you different then other money hungry Artists?

Necro: Without maybe even thinking about it I chose lyrics and beats over money. I wanted to be respected for the rhymes and beats more than I wanted to be a millionaire. I have wanted to be a multi millionaire since 18, but as much as I worked on that, I worked even harder on being dope lyrically or production wise, and this is why the money is second or 3rd on my list and the music and craft is first.

Horrorcore Chris: Is there any thing you can tell the Horrorcore fans to look forward to?

Necro: Yeah the new Godfathers album with myself and Kool G Rap dropping in late summer.

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